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The Goa Psychology Association is a registered Organization which was started in October 2015 and officially launched on 30th December 2015 by the Honourable Governor of Goa Dr. Mridula Sinha and the Honourable Dy. C.M of Goa, Mr. Francis D’Souza.

The integral objective is to help society develop a healthy mind set while attempting to transform it for a healthier lifestyle. It is a platform for professionals in Mental Health Care to integrate together as they foster the first steps towards collective and comprehensive growth of individuals and families in the state of Goa. The mind is as important as the body, and we want people to understand that it is alright to come forward to rebuild your mind with the professional help it deserves.

The formation of the association was a collective thought and a pending project which eventually had to surface. It has been formed with the intention of Psychologists coming together over a common platform to render their expertise in terms of service to society.

The GPA lives by its maxim of “It begins in the Mind and trails down to a Lifestyle”. Accordingly, the Association has taken up a challenge of developing a healthy mind set amongst the people of Goa to match the Image of the State - a Happy and Stress free world for children, youngsters, adults and the elderly.